Six Valuable Reasons You Should Utilize a National Account Specialist for Your Door Materials on Nationwide Construction Projects:

With many construction projects going on at once, it is easy to ignore the doors, frames, and door hardware. But, there are some valuable features that could affect your business if you aren’t buying from a National Account Specialist.

#1 –Material Standardization

A lot of time was spent ensuring the door materials meet security, function, appearance, quality, cost, and code needs. But, if the material is being sourced from a local door distributor currently, those standards will routinely be ignored. For example, retail construction has very short build schedules which will not allow for the prototypical materials to be factory ordered. Instead, you will get what they have on the shelf. These materials will rarely match the specified standard materials!
National Account Value:  Every project will match the established standards for security, function, appearance, quality, and codes.

#2 –Reduced Project Costs

By combining all of the construction projects, we are able to negotiate with our door, door frame, and hardware manufacturers on higher quantities, and pass the savings on to our customer. There is a significant savings versus the current model of buying each project individually.
National Account Value:  Reduced cost per project.

#3 – Minimized Construction Delays

How great would it be to know that all of the door materials are sitting in a warehouse waiting for you to need them? That is exactly how a National Account Stocking Agreement works. Your prototypical materials will be stocked instead of factory ordered. Project materials or change orders will ship from inventory instead of being subject to extended factory lead-times. Your door materials will ship in days, not weeks.

National Account Value:  Your doors, frames, and door hardware will be on site when they are needed.

#4 – Industry and Project Expertise

An experienced door professional can refine your prototypical materials to fit your specific needs and goals. This will include recommending the correct materials for the functionality, appearance, security, cost, and required building codes. They can also work with the Architect to write specifications and hardware schedules. Specific projects are assigned to an Account Team which understands the specific account needs and materials inside an out. This team will maintain the product standards and specifications as established by the Architect and the account’s corporate construction team.
National Account Value:  Door industry expertise is infused in the planning and execution of each project.
#5 – Warranty Management

Warranties can be a complex process without a National Account Vendor. If a piece of hardware fails, you must contact the General Contractor, who has to contact the local distributor who supplied the product, who then contacts the factory, who then sends out a replacement part. A National Account Agreement simplifies the process to one single contact and minimizes down time.
Value:  One touch warranty management on materials with a National Account Agreement.

#6 – Custom Materials

Your doors do not have to be boring. They can be a part of your brand. Imagine a custom color, door design, hardware materials that fit the design aesthetic. It is all available, but long lead-time items. Purchasing from a local distributor would create problems, but with a National Account Stocking Agreement, the factory lead-time does not matter as it will become stock material. This represents a great opportunity to have your doors support your brand message.
Custom designed materials specific for your projects that can ship in days not months.


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